Little effort, great effects!

Circles is collective intelligence for your pocket, always at hand to contribute, discuss, and evolve ideas. Additional opinion polls deliver valuable feedback on a variety of questions.

User Circles

With our customizable "Circles", external users can also participate in idea generation and decision-making processes.

Different Channels

Reach out to your "Circles" via your website, your intranet, or social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Easy Administration

Our backend enables smooth implementation, simple user management, and clear analyses.

Circles is unique because it's 100% user-oriented

Circles is intuitive and fun! Eliminating many barriers of conventional idea management approaches, it’s an important step to push innovation.

Idea Factory

Whether it is new business models, creative marketing initiatives or process optimizations, Circles is the place where ideas originate and grow.

Cultural Change

Involving employees and partners in your corporate development will increase their loyalty and foster a sustainable innovation culture.

High Usage

And best of all, it works! With its slick design and easy handling, users of the app will love to give their input.

Contact Info

Please contact us for more information or in case of inquiries.

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